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Our philosophy is based on that there is no case too big or too small, and there is no client too big or too small. Our outstanding legal services can be provided to companies or individuals who may require legal advice in any of the jurisdictions we specialise in. Our intention will always be to maximise the benefits to our clients to the lower expenses where possible.


Understanding you: We can openly discuss with you, any customized services specific to your case.


Depending on your needs and budget we can provide a legal service fully tailored. It may be a one off legal report, or we can provide a legal backup for a determined period of time for a fixed flat fee. Thus an experienced legal team can advise or represent you without any financial surprises.


For Business clients: we have introduced an outsourcing of their legal in house office. In this way the directors of the company can have a direct line with our legal team and we can produce any legal report or advice for a fix fee during one-year period or more. This innovative scheme will reduce the company’s Human Resources expenses but having an outstanding legal backup in multiple jurisdictions.

This legal outsourcing scheme can also work as a second opinion in which provide advices to the already established legal in house office of the company. This will help to improve the performance of the in house legal team without incurring an excessive investment in Human resources. This extra legal support is ideal for companies dealing with cross-border transactions that require legal expertise in different areas of law in multiple jurisdictions.


Working closely with UK Firms: Since the foundation of our firm we have also provided legal advise to UK law firms rafting legal reports about foreign countries legislation and doing researches about foreign companies sued in UK courts. Our legal assistant to UK Law Firms has been an important expertise to achieve a successful outcome in court.



Our Aim:

1.- Focused and determined to succeed. Our aim is to successfully resolve your case. We will discuss with you your worries and doubts being open and frank approach in order to take the best path to go through. It is a must to deliver 110% of our intellectual capacity and effort to produce the best result possible, as we understand that successful result for our clients it will also benefiting us.


2.- Personalise Attention to our clients. No matter how big or small is your case we will be able to deliver our best. Our internal policy is to reply any contact email within the next 24 working hours of receiving it. We understand the importance for you to discreetly express yourself without intermediaries or delays with the lawyer that deals with your case. For this reason it is also part of our policy that the clients can directly phone the fee earner during the course of the legal advise.


3.- Loyalty and Confidence. Our clients will be reassured that any movement done by our legal team with always work on our client’s benefit. We deliver piece of mind to our clients.

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